Knowledge about Woodworking edge Banding Technology

Woodworking edge banding is the process of sealing the cutting surface of artificial board, which can improve the aesthetics, durability and environmental protection of furniture. Woodworking edge banding requires the use of specialized mechanical equipment – woodworking edge banding machine, as well as corresponding accessories and materials. This article will introduce the importance and skills of woodworking edge banding.

The importance of woodworking edge banding

Woodworking edge banding has the following aspects of importance:

1.Improve aesthetics: The cutting surface of artificial board is usually rough and not suitable for direct use as furniture surface. By using different colors, textures and materials of edge banding materials, the furniture surface can be more smooth, smooth and harmonious.

2.Improve durability: The cutting surface of artificial board is easily eroded by moisture, dust, insects and other factors, resulting in furniture deformation, cracking or rotting. By using wear-resistant, waterproof, anti-corrosion edge banding materials, the cutting surface of artificial board can be effectively protected and extend the service life of furniture.

3.Improve environmental protection: The cutting surface of artificial board usually contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde, which are harmful to human health. By using non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free edge banding materials, the volatilization of the cutting surface of artificial board can be reduced and the impact of furniture on the environment and human body can be reduced.

The skills of woodworking edge banding

Woodworking edge banding requires attention to the following skills:

No1:Choose suitable edge banding machine accessories: Edge banding machine accessories are one of the key factors that affect the edge banding effect. According to your own production scale, board type, edge banding material and process, choose suitable pressure wheel, cutter, guide rail, glue wheel and other accessories.

No 2:Choose suitable edge banding material: Edge banding material has various types, such as PVC, ABS, solid wood skin, aluminum alloy, etc., each has advantages and disadvantages. Choose according to the performance, use and aesthetics of the board.

No3:Choose suitable edge banding process: Edge banding process also has various types, such as EVA edge banding, PUR edge banding, laser edge banding, etc., each has characteristics. Choose according to the characteristics of edge banding material, environmental conditions and cost-effectiveness.

No 4: Pay attention to operation details: When operating the edge banding machine, pay attention to control the feeding speed, pressure and temperature parameters of the board and edge banding material, as well as timely clean up glue residue and cutting debris and other debris to ensure the quality of edge banding.


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