Solidwood Furniture Buying Guide

     Solid wood furniture is the first choice for many people, but in the market, the various boards are dazzling, and some are even mistaken for solid wood furniture. Therefore, how to choose solid wood furniture has become an important issue. When choosing solid wood furniture, the choice of wood is crucial. This article will introduce three types of wood suitable for making solid wood furniture, namely teak, North American black walnut and North American cherry.

1. teak

Teak is a very popular wood for solidwood furniture. It is produced in Myanmar and Thailand, but now due to the ban on logging and export, it is mainly produced in Myanmar. Teak wood has very excellent performance and effects. It has a unique growth environment, rich oil content, and is moisture-proof, insect-proof, moth-proof, and corrosion-resistant. In addition, the micro-pinhole structure of teak wood gives it stability and gives it an atmospheric and natural feel. However, due to the higher price of teak, other counterfeit woods may appear, such as African teak, golden teak, etc.

2. North American Black Walnuts

The second most commonly used solidwood furniture wood is North American black walnut. It is a classic wood popular for its excellent properties and grain effects. North American black walnut is delicate and generous, with stability and versatility, and can match whatever the decoration style of your home is. However, due to its high popularity, some fake and inferior products have also appeared, such as South American walnut, golden walnut, etc.

3 North American Cherry Wood

The third type of wood suitable for making solidwood furniture is North American cherry. It has beautiful textures and soft colors, giving people a sense of intimacy. At the same time, it is very easy to match and can be matched with various decoration styles. Another advantage of North American cherry wood is that its color changes over time, becoming thicker and more flavorful. However, it is also important to note that some other woods can pass for North American cherry, such as European cherry, southwestern birch, etc.

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