Questions About Maintenance of Saw Blades

The saw blade is a commonly used cutting tool, but during use, some common problems may occur. Let’s take a look at these problems and how to solve them.

Burning saw blade

1.The reasons for burning the saw blade may be poor heat dissipation, too many teeth, poor drainage or poor quality of raw materials, etc. In order to avoid burning the saw blade, we can take the following measures

2.Purchase a saw blade with cooling holes, or add water or other coolants to lower the temperature.

3.Avoid having too many teeth, which can cause excessive resistance. The more teeth there are, the greater the resistance, and the easier it is to burn the saw blade.

4.If the sawdust is not easily discharged, it can also cause local overheating. The equipment must have a good discharge system.

5.Choose high-quality raw materials.

Saw blade

About Saw blade hole

Saw blade holes are generally divided into heat dissipation holes and silencer holes. The heat dissipation holes can help dissipate heat, and the silencer holes can reduce noise.

circular saw blade

Routine Maintenance

Circular saw blade maintenance

The feeding chain, feeding motor chain and navigation motor inside the saw blade need to be regularly adjusted and inspected; the length and tightness of the main motor belt should be moderate; the cushion cover, saw blade and navigation blade inside the saw blade should be cleaned regularly with diesel.

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