Instructions for usage auto oil pump in edge banding machine

Instructions for usage auto oil pump in edge banding machine
This auto oil tank pump is for edge banding machine T-280, T-450, T-600, T-800 series
Specification:Voltage: 220V Pressure: 10kg Power: 30W

Here is instruction for use of auto oil pump:

1.This auto pump has lubrication, intermittent, setting functions for edge banding machine. Lubrication and intermittent time can be set by yourself. The ACT green light is on for fuel supply time, the range is 1-60s(second). The INT red light is the intermittent time, the range is 10-999M(minute).

Press the SET key for 3 seconds to enter the lubrication program setting state. At this time, the number on the display screen is flashing (green light is on), press ▲ or ▼ to increase or decrease to the so-called actual lubrication time; press the SET button again, the display jumps to the intermittent time setting (red light is on), and the number flashes , Press ▲ or ▼ to increase or decrease to the required interval time.

After confirming that the setting is correct, click the SET button to complete, and the electric pump will start to work according to the new set time.

2.When the system is abnormal, the number flashes and buzzes, and the electric pump stops working. That indicates that the oil level is insufficient and oil needs to be added.


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