How to use manual wood planer safely?

  1. When using a plane, gestures are very important. The two index fingers should be placed on both sides of the planer, and the two thumbs should be placed on the back of the planing hand to facilitate the application of force and prevent the wood from scratching the fingers.

2.When applying force, make sure that the plane is flat before pushing and pulling. Don’t shake left and right, and keep it parallel; when pulling back, the plane should not leave the wood, push and pull lightly.

3. Pay attention to the gesture when retracting the planer, hit the hammer at the right angle of the end of the planer, try to figure out the appropriate force, to prevent finger injury or damage to the planer.

4.The planer must be polished diligently. A sharp planer can feel smoother and easier when using the planer, and it will be more labor-saving.

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